Online Voter Registration

From the National Conference of State Legislatures:

States with Online Voter Registration

Full Online Registration Limited Online Registration

Arizona (implemented in 2002)
EZ Voter Registration

Michigan (d)

California (implemented in 2012)
California Online Voter Registration

New Mexico (b)

Colorado (implemented in 2010)
Go Vote Colorado

Ohio (b)

Connecticut (implemented in 2014)

Connecticut Online Voter Registration


Delaware (implemented in 2014)

I Vote Delaware


Georgia (implemented in 2014)

Georgia Online Voter Registration


Hawaii (passed in 2012; not implemented yet)


Illinois (implemented in 2014)

Illinois Online Voter Registration


Indiana (implemented in 2010)
Indiana Online Voter Registration


Kansas (implemented in 2009)
Kansas Online Voter Registration


Louisiana (implemented in 2010)
Geaux Vote


Maryland (implemented in 2012)
Maryland Online Voter Registration

Massachusetts (passed in 2014; not implemented yet)  

Minnesota (implemented in 2013)
Register to Vote


Missouri (e) (implemented in 2014)

Vote Missouri

Nebraska (passed in 2014; not implemented yet)  

Nevada (implemented in 2012)
Nevada Online Voter Registration


New York (c) (implemented in 2011)

New York State Voter Registration Form


Oregon (implemented in 2010)


South Carolina (implemented in 2012)
S.C. Online Voter Registration


Utah (implemented in 2010)
Utah Online Voter Registration


Virginia (implemented in 2013)

Virginia Voter Registration


Washington (implemented in 2007)


West Virginia (passed in 2013; not implemented yet)


(b) In New Mexico and Ohio, a registered voter can update an existing registration record online, but new applications must still be made on paper.

(c) In New York, the registration system is not fully paperless. Voters can submit a voter registration application online, but paper is exchanged between the motor vehicle system and the statewide database. This creates a paperless experience from the voter’s perspective, but administrative processes are still paper-based.

(d) In Michigan, an online system permits voters to change their address for both their drivers license (or personal ID card) and voter registration at the same time. Michigan law requires that the same address be on record for both.

(e) In Missouri, a person can register to vote online and electronically provide a signature using a mobile device, tablet computer or touchscreen computer, but not a standard desktop computer. The state reviews the information and prints out the registration form, which it sends to the person’s local elections office for verification.

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