Scar Tissue – ‘a bipartisan problem’

It is time to put the closing parenthesis on a week of tragedy, the blip of insanity that comes from a man with a damaged brain and a semi-automatic pistol. Congress is coming back this week, to pick up where it left off before the bullets started flying. But will John Boehner's message be tweaked… Continue reading Scar Tissue – ‘a bipartisan problem’

How deep should we dig the grave?

Guns and words. I live by one. People die by the other. Guns defend and protect, hunt and kill, but not on their own. "Anyone with a gun can go out and commit an act of terrorism, even without a political affiliation." - Aaron McGruder, cartoonist Words envision and maintain, create and incite, but not by… Continue reading How deep should we dig the grave?