Don’t justify and call it justice; confront truth and discover justice

Lady Justice is blindfold and scales, blind to the class and rank of those who stand before her and nonprejudicial in the absence of evidence. But whether in the streets of our cities or in the skies over Asia and Africa, we have found a way to allow her a peak under the blindfold, and… Continue reading Don’t justify and call it justice; confront truth and discover justice

Satire, rhetoric, war and truth

If the pen is mightier than the sword, but words can never hurt you because only sticks and stones will break your bones, then the truth is that the power lies not in the weapon, but in the intentions of those who wield it. As the late comedian, George Carlin, said in his 1972 monologue,… Continue reading Satire, rhetoric, war and truth

Je suis…en silence

It was a protest without chants, a demonstration where the response to the call was only footfalls. The hundreds gathered in Atlanta, Sunday, to remember the 17 murdered around Paris, this week, marched in silence. Only the voices of the children calling for each other and their parents - "Gaspard," "Maman" - ruffle through the… Continue reading Je suis…en silence