Last to reform, first in the hearts of lobbyists

Whether you’re on the right or on the left, there appears to be a consensus about at least one thing when you talk about ethics reform in the Georgia General Assembly. Any meaningful effort to improve trust and integrity in our state elected representatives, and their relationship with lobbyists and other special interests, runs into… Continue reading Last to reform, first in the hearts of lobbyists

Georgia Ethics Express hits the road

The Ethics Express, a compilation of odd political bedfellows, including Common Cause Georgia, the League of Women Voters, Georgia Conservatives in Action, and Georgia Tea Party Patriots, have taken to the road, on bus tour supporting a July 31 ballot question, urging ethics reform in Georgia's State House. The group plans to stop in 14… Continue reading Georgia Ethics Express hits the road

Occupy – Grassroots, at the root level

"Yesterday, I brought to your attention how offended we are at the Tea Party Express that the media would dare to continually insist that the Occupy Wall Street protests are motivated by the same issues that the Tea Party coalesced around and that they are the Tea Party of the left!" - E-mail from Tea… Continue reading Occupy – Grassroots, at the root level