Bernanke rebukes Republicans; Republicans rebuke Norquist

Ben Bernanke had some words, Tuesday, for those GOP members of Congress who would hold up raising the nation's debt limit in order to squeeze spending cuts into the federal budget. In a speech to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, in Washington, DC, Tuesday, the Fed chief chastised those who would use the… Continue reading Bernanke rebukes Republicans; Republicans rebuke Norquist

Implementing the Right’s agenda sacrifices health, happiness

The Agenda: Step 1) Get a majority in the House of Representatives; Step 2) Go as far right to show you can pass things as a body, but avoid or minimize votes on necessary legislation that cannot win a vote; Step 3) When the far right agenda you have been able to get passed in… Continue reading Implementing the Right’s agenda sacrifices health, happiness

Passover, Easter and Taxes

Happy Passover, Holy Week and Tax Day. "Three times a year... all your males shall appear before God, in the place he will choose. They shall not appear before the Lord empty handed, but each with his own gift, accord to the blessing that the Lord, your God, has bestowed upon you." - Deuteronomy, 16:16-17… Continue reading Passover, Easter and Taxes

The lower third and American entropy

"Eliminate public employees’ right to collectively bargain over health care, pensions and other benefits when negotiating a union contract" Source: NBC/WSJ poll, Feb. 24-28, 2011 In favor and mostly in favor  In television, the graphics and words that appear on the bottom part of your screen is called a lower third, because that is roughly… Continue reading The lower third and American entropy

The tax compromise – taking the easy points before halftime

[Sports Analogy Warning] Okay, Coach O. It's fourth-and-two, and your team is on the opponent's 20 yard line. You're lead has narrowed, but you still have control of the clock, and most of the coaching staff is still down with your game plan. You expect their support, you're counting on it, at the beginning of… Continue reading The tax compromise – taking the easy points before halftime

When the victors take all the spoils, they spoil it all for the rest of us

The drawbridge is down. The gate is up. The guards have fled to protect their own. Even those of incredible conviction, who have climbed the tower steps to defend the walled town, find the doors to the parapets obstructed by red-coated confederates in league with the invading horde. Inside the city walls, the citizenry is… Continue reading When the victors take all the spoils, they spoil it all for the rest of us