The tax compromise – taking the easy points before halftime

[Sports Analogy Warning] Okay, Coach O. It's fourth-and-two, and your team is on the opponent's 20 yard line. You're lead has narrowed, but you still have control of the clock, and most of the coaching staff is still down with your game plan. You expect their support, you're counting on it, at the beginning of… Continue reading The tax compromise – taking the easy points before halftime

Commitment, Compromise, Consensus and Congress

The 2008 Commitment: Taxes will go up on those making over $250,000. The 2010 Compromise: Nobody's taxes will go up, and we'll throw in some more tax breaks that will add a couple of bucks to your paycheck. The Consensus? Um. No. A real consensus, achieved through civil dialogue, would have required agreement from Democrats… Continue reading Commitment, Compromise, Consensus and Congress