A line too long: no choice but action on ‘Broken immigration system’

"Our immigration system has been broken for a very long time -- and everybody knows it." -President Barack Obama, addressing Las Vegas high school students whose families are affected by his use, this week, of executive authority on immigration reform The Republicans know it. The conservative cabal that pulls the party's purse strings knows it.… Continue reading A line too long: no choice but action on ‘Broken immigration system’

Egypt: Radicalization could win

"...eyewitnesses and reporters say troops were firing indiscriminately at the crowd, including with snipers who picked-off unarmed civilians at an alarming rate." - GlobalPost story about the Egyptian military's Wednesday massacres against Islamists, in Cairo The Muslim Brotherhood and their backers say they will sacrifice themselves to preserve the integrity of their fledgling democracy, and… Continue reading Egypt: Radicalization could win