New life for the Voting Rights Act?

It's been less than a month since five men on the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the essential part of the Voting Rights Act that determines which districts and states in the country are required to have clearance from the Department of Justice, before changing any laws and practices that could have an… Continue reading New life for the Voting Rights Act?

SCOTUS arguments show ‘there is still work to do’ on voting rights

There are few words that cut through the perennial story of American pride in its exceptionality, like "racism." That one, ugly social system, propped up over our sordid history by institutional and ideological bulwarks of denial and ignorance, like Jim Crow, is part of the DNA of our country, away from which we are continually… Continue reading SCOTUS arguments show ‘there is still work to do’ on voting rights

Flag, fife and drum – a teen parade

In the fight for our continuing freedom, the battle for our enduring liberty, the teens have been handed the flag, the drum and the fife. There have been three recent events regarding teenagers in America that have brought those who are our hope for a salvageable future to the fore. One is the president's doing,… Continue reading Flag, fife and drum – a teen parade