Saxby Chambliss’ red scare

Remember when the "red scare" was the fear of Communism creeping across the globe, where right wing politicians warned us that a commie could be hiding behind any tree, on the street where you live? There's a new red scare on the carefully media manicured political landscape, and again, it is coming from the extremists… Continue reading Saxby Chambliss’ red scare

Bernanke rebukes Republicans; Republicans rebuke Norquist

Ben Bernanke had some words, Tuesday, for those GOP members of Congress who would hold up raising the nation's debt limit in order to squeeze spending cuts into the federal budget. In a speech to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, in Washington, DC, Tuesday, the Fed chief chastised those who would use the… Continue reading Bernanke rebukes Republicans; Republicans rebuke Norquist

‘Significant progress’ in Afghanistan? Can’t happen, says one soldier

"Although the gains are fragile and reversible, momentum has shifted to the Afghan Government, and they are on track to begin the transition process...this summer" - CIA Director Leon Panetta, in his written responses to questions from the Senate Armed Services Committee, prior to his confirmation hearings for Secretary of Defense That sounds like good… Continue reading ‘Significant progress’ in Afghanistan? Can’t happen, says one soldier

Nothing to win – the Coburn conundrum

In the Our Gang of Six, he may be Spanky - always trying to help his friends out of trouble while putting on a show of his disappointment in how Alfalfa and the other goofballs in the group keep chasing chickens. First there was last week's Senate Ethics Committee report on the questionable activities of… Continue reading Nothing to win – the Coburn conundrum