Palin – ‘both logical and vague enough’

Is Paul Revere really a 'gotcha question?' Sarah Palin thinks so, and so do her fans. Apparently, they rushed to her defense quickly by trying to validate her historical accuracy misstep, and thereby making her seem more accurate, through a concert of editing George Orwell's Winston Smith would have been proud of. Palin's history says… Continue reading Palin – ‘both logical and vague enough’

The Fatal Attraction of Sarah Palin

It’s no secret that the press still has its crush on Sarah Palin. She’s the girlfriend who uses you, but couldn't care less about you. You know who I mean - the one who bats her little wink at you, says “I’m not finished with you yet.” “Come over here,” she says, pointing one direction,… Continue reading The Fatal Attraction of Sarah Palin


palintology - n - the study of empty rhetoric that is found when one turns over a rock It doesn't take a PhD to understand Palintology. You just have to think like the simple, corrosive organism that crawled under a rock and left an indelible impression. Palintology is all about how deep that first impression… Continue reading Palintology