Rumors of a Democratic rift are greatly exaggerated

"By definition, massive trade deals like the TPP override domestic laws written, debated, and passed by Congress. If fast-track passes, Congress will have given up its power to strip out any backroom arrangements and special favors... "We will have also given up our right to strip out whatever other special favors industry can bury in… Continue reading Rumors of a Democratic rift are greatly exaggerated


Rand Paul sticks to his guns on Patriot Act

UPDATE: After reaching an agreement with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Sen. Rand Paul was able to bring two of his amendments to the floor for limited debate before a vote to table was taken, which is expected to kill both offerings. A vote on extending the Patriot Act will follow. ___________________ Standing alone,… Continue reading Rand Paul sticks to his guns on Patriot Act