The puppet is unprecedented – the political power grab is not

The Republicans in Congress may think they hold the puppet strings, but their own ineptitude means they are as reliant on a professional manipulator like Putin (via Devin Nunes and FOX News) to guide their hands on the controls as Trump is on the Russian leader to keep thoughts of money-shaped sugarplums with porn star boobs dancing in his head.

Tea Party narcissism and its inherent death culture

It's truly frightening when the group that is not afraid of guns and touts "Second Amendment remedies" to get what they want, has achieved such an unreasonable command of the mainstream media. The radical right of the Republican leaning Tea Party has made it clear, in the last five days, especially, that they have no… Continue reading Tea Party narcissism and its inherent death culture

Campaign promises or cult-powered prophecy?

Call it wishful thinking, the odd statements in Michele Bachmann's stump speeches about the "rise of the Soviet Union," or the promises of two dollar a gallon gasoline within the first six months of her administration, or even her assertion that she will make Barack Obama "a one [pause] term [pause] president." Those statements are… Continue reading Campaign promises or cult-powered prophecy?