When it comes to voting, it’s not all about that base

Senior citizens and college students, Wall Street bankers and the religious right, Southerners and African Americans, industrial magnates and union workers: if you're in one of those groups, and a handful of others, chances are either Republicans or Democrats think they can already count on your vote on election day. They call those monoliths the… Continue reading When it comes to voting, it’s not all about that base

Will the power of impassioned politicians work down-ticket?

Curiouser and curiouser. It's like Alice herself is guiding us through the United States of Wonderland's early primary season going into the 2016 presidential elections. Showmanship and passionate authenticity seem to be ruling the day, while establishment electoral politics sits bemused on a mushroom. Just how long can this go on? With the angry Republican… Continue reading Will the power of impassioned politicians work down-ticket?

Ted Cruz plays King of the Mountain

"If it hadn't been for the church, we wouldn't have the country." - Evangelical revisionist historian David Barton, claiming, in 2011, that the Constitution purposely incorporates Old Testament principles to reenforce the Christian beliefs of the Founders "The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They [the Freemasons] go against God. You cannot serve… Continue reading Ted Cruz plays King of the Mountain

To be in the conversation, be part of the conversation

That could really be the mantra of the transition from Obama's very public, bully pulpit tactic of campaign style events, highlighting the issues he wants the American people to help him see through, to his new, private "charm offensive," a series of dinner and lunch meetings with Republican Senators and Representatives aimed at getting past… Continue reading To be in the conversation, be part of the conversation

Fiscal cliff compromise a wolf in elephant’s clothing

Here we go again. The Republicans are skipping down the path toward obstructionism, aiming to get away with doing the least by convincing us it is the most they can do. It isn't. They will give it another sham title like "Tax Reform." It won't be. They're saying it will increase significant revenue by being… Continue reading Fiscal cliff compromise a wolf in elephant’s clothing

For Obama, it’s really always been about unity

If there was ever a question about which commitment President Barack Obama has made in his life that will live beyond his presidency, it is his stubborn belief that a united America, without the distraction of division, can and will accomplish great things. Regardless of whether he is able to reach effective but difficult compromises… Continue reading For Obama, it’s really always been about unity

Bits and Pricks – 27 August, 2012

2 CCs and the Connecticut Seas Former GOP Gov. Crist speaking at the Dem Convention Christie stuck with Jersey because of better odds Coastal Connecticut reactor vulnerable to global warming Former Florida, GOP Gov. Crist to speak at DNC One day after announcing his endorsement for President Barack Obama's reelection, former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist… Continue reading Bits and Pricks – 27 August, 2012

Sound and fury… another day, perhaps

In pursuit of reason, we clogged phone lines, crashed email servers and overwhelmed Twitter accounts. Sometimes it feels like, if there wasn't the predictable attrition of immoral and crooked politicians, we would see no glimmer of sunlight in the illusory, dark clouds conjured by the Kochs and Karl Rove. But our fight is not over… Continue reading Sound and fury… another day, perhaps

Pols misread polls, spin wrong message from Weiner

The calls for Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to resign his House seat, in the wake of admitting his bad personal behavior and the subsequent web of lies, have come from all sides, including some important Democrats. Of all the possible reasons that are given to get him to go - abusing trust, allegedly misusing federal… Continue reading Pols misread polls, spin wrong message from Weiner

Pawlenty’s opening salvo – Obama’s not like you, I am

In the video posted on YouTube to kick off his 2012 run for the Republican presidential nomination, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, hidden beneath the soaring score, talks a lot about "truth." The one truth he apparently wants you to remember, is about the depth of the problems our country is having, "and who has… Continue reading Pawlenty’s opening salvo – Obama’s not like you, I am