Saxby Chambliss’ red scare

Remember when the "red scare" was the fear of Communism creeping across the globe, where right wing politicians warned us that a commie could be hiding behind any tree, on the street where you live? There's a new red scare on the carefully media manicured political landscape, and again, it is coming from the extremists… Continue reading Saxby Chambliss’ red scare

Come up with a position – Mitt will be along shortly

He has been running for president of the United States for almost six years, and there are still so many doubts about his backbone and his political footing that opposing party partisans are not the only ones questioning his ability to be leader of the free world. But if he doesn't belong in the Oval… Continue reading Come up with a position – Mitt will be along shortly

Republicans praise truth one night, bury it the next

"We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers," Romney pollster Neil Newhouse, to an ABC breakfast panel, ahead of GOP vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan's acceptance speech, Wednesday. It is kind of appropriate that Aeschylus' famous, fifth century, B.C., quote, "In war, truth is the first casualty," was popularized by a… Continue reading Republicans praise truth one night, bury it the next

Akin Republicans move Heaven to stop Romney

UPDATE: America Right to Life has launched a website,, with a series of Bible banging, highlighted lines, like: "If you fear Obama, you'll vote for Romney. If you fear God, you won't." Among the litany of reasons listed by the RTL for why they do not trust Romney, is a bullet item tracking his… Continue reading Akin Republicans move Heaven to stop Romney

Last to reform, first in the hearts of lobbyists

Whether you’re on the right or on the left, there appears to be a consensus about at least one thing when you talk about ethics reform in the Georgia General Assembly. Any meaningful effort to improve trust and integrity in our state elected representatives, and their relationship with lobbyists and other special interests, runs into… Continue reading Last to reform, first in the hearts of lobbyists

B-A-I-N, a song for Mitt

B.A.I.N. B is for the billionaires’ ad buys. A is for all the assets I hide. I is islands offshore where cash and jobs were outsourced. N is nothing more do I hold to that I did before, and Bain, I said I left in ’99. Bain, until 2002 was mine. Mine, corporate papers say… Continue reading B-A-I-N, a song for Mitt

Tea Party narcissism and its inherent death culture

It's truly frightening when the group that is not afraid of guns and touts "Second Amendment remedies" to get what they want, has achieved such an unreasonable command of the mainstream media. The radical right of the Republican leaning Tea Party has made it clear, in the last five days, especially, that they have no… Continue reading Tea Party narcissism and its inherent death culture

‘Holy cow,’ said the elephant – Newt’s a RINO

"You're an embarrassment to our party." - Iowa Republican voter chastising Newt Gingrich, Monday, in-person, for his "undercutting" Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) Medicare proposal on this week's "Meet the Press." What Newt Gingrich, and the GOP tomato throwers who have targeted him the last two days, have demonstrated so perfectly is that there is no… Continue reading ‘Holy cow,’ said the elephant – Newt’s a RINO

Political petulance is poisoning the power of the people

Restoring the integrity of a government "by the people" Integrity is the lifeblood of democracy. Deceit is a poison in its veins. Edward Kennedy Men become accustomed to poison by degrees. Victor Hugo Control. Power. Money. It's the fang toothed hydra, the unholy trinity to which most of the people who run this country pay… Continue reading Political petulance is poisoning the power of the people

Fat Cat Fever and the Legacy of No

"I don't shake hands with socialists." Anonymous Duluth, GA, citizen, to Democratic businessman - and congressional candidate - Michael Coles (during a 1996 campaign event against then Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (R-GA)) The Republicans did not wake up on the morning of November 5, 2008, and have some kind of revelation that they… Continue reading Fat Cat Fever and the Legacy of No