Bernie Sanders heats up record crowd in Phoenix

Bernie Sanders drew 11,000 people to a convention center floor, Saturday night. You know, one of those cavernous spaces you could put a passenger jet in. It was the largest campaign event of any candidate this season, and it broke his record crowd of 10,000 in Madison, Wisconsin, a couple of weeks ago. But this… Continue reading Bernie Sanders heats up record crowd in Phoenix

Dying in custody – a most necessary conversation

Oh freedom, Oh freedom, Oh freedom over me And before I'll be a slave, I'll be buried in my grave And go home to my lord and be free Lulled and complacent among a couple of thousand righteous liberals and progressives, what should be seen is often easily hidden. The obvious remains obscured behind conversations… Continue reading Dying in custody – a most necessary conversation

Detroit and you – where progressive change happens

"We will fight, and we will win!" - Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), July 18, 2014     Fighting the tyranny of an oligarchy that withholds the existential needs of its people in an effort to subjugate them is the act of a rebel. Fighting for the change that leaves the members of a society empowered… Continue reading Detroit and you – where progressive change happens

Pelosi’s less than stellar moment at Netroots Nation

"The fact is, you should reject any notion that President Obama's action have anything to do with what President Bush was doing... "We protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. That's our oath of office, so we have that responsibility." - House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, to the Netroots Nation conference, Saturday, June… Continue reading Pelosi’s less than stellar moment at Netroots Nation

Vote for progressives

It's that simple. When Speaker of the California State Assembly, John Perez, exhorted the attendees of Netroots Nation, in San Jose, California, Thursday evening, to "vote for progressives," he said we should do it "for the people of America." The successes of a progressive-run government in California, the state that was once governed by Ronald… Continue reading Vote for progressives

The immigrant ethic and the American Dream

Immigrants and the children of immigrants may be the only ones who still believe in the American Dream. In the introduction to the Freedom From Fear Awards, announced Saturday at the Netroots Nation conference in Minneapolis, presenters Taryn Higashi and Geri Mannion both talked of being the children of immigrants. Ms. Higashi told the story… Continue reading The immigrant ethic and the American Dream

The devil and the Democratic soul

A Report from Netroots Nation: Like singed hair, the aroma of evil hangs in the air. It's the smell from the disintegration of American values in the populist, political discourse, these days. There is a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. That's what liberal and progressive bloggers and activists were told, Thursday night,… Continue reading The devil and the Democratic soul