Lying to win: agenda, ego and insecurity in the GOP

Games, when we played them as children, had a singular agenda: WIN! Otherwise, what was the point - fun? Fun was just a side benefit, which there was always a lot more of when you got to yell, “I WIN!” I was terrible at games when I was a kid. When I say “terrible,” I… Continue reading Lying to win: agenda, ego and insecurity in the GOP


The Democrats’ mutual denial society

"There is much that is going right in this country, and there is still time for Democrats to say so." - New York Times Editorial Board, October 21, 2014 If President Obama would not have delayed acting on immigration until after the election, he may have saved the seats Democrats lost in the Senate, that… Continue reading The Democrats’ mutual denial society

Is another 6 years of obstruction what we really need in the Senate?

"We have to make a hard right hand turn." - David Perdue, Georgia Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Put it down to defensiveness born of desperation. David Perdue has been running marginally close to his Democratic rival, Michelle Nunn, over a string of recent polls, in a state he and the GOP thought was likely… Continue reading Is another 6 years of obstruction what we really need in the Senate?

Nunn’s strength: caring community through corporate involvement

In the summer of 2013, weeks before Michelle Nunn announced her run for the U.S. Senate, a nationally recognized Democratic VIP asked me if I thought she would fulfill the rumors and finally throw herself into the race. Referring to the extremely right wing members of Georgia's House delegation who had joined the Republican field… Continue reading Nunn’s strength: caring community through corporate involvement

Ebola: Has ‘America lost its mind?’

After mere days of Republican mouthpieces like the volatile Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) calling for the president to anoint an "Ebola Czar" to give an appearance of executive oversight on the health crisis, Obama decided Friday, to name Ron Klain, a "savvy politician" to the position. It was only a matter of time until the… Continue reading Ebola: Has ‘America lost its mind?’

Trust broken, empowerment renewed – the new Obama legacy

Expectations always lead to attachment, and attachment, the Buddha tells us, leads to suffering. So it is with the faith we put in the man who we expected to be a new kind of president, one who was deliberative and thoughtful, who we thought was compassionate and fair. Indeed, he often exhibits those qualities, personally.… Continue reading Trust broken, empowerment renewed – the new Obama legacy

What’s missing from Congress saves a Senator

It is now becoming apparent that Senator Thad Cochran and his supporters used political savvy to rally some Democratic voters to come out and vote for him, last Tuesday. We like to think our politics are pure, that any movement for a candidate is grassroots, driven by a concerned citizenry wanting to ensure they are… Continue reading What’s missing from Congress saves a Senator