Pulling my ‘liberal hack’ head out, man

"Thank God for the Koch brothers...Pull your head out, man...The rich carry this country." - excerpts of several tweet exchanges from a self-described "Capitalist, Libertarian," directed at @proseandthorn, after sharing the news of the Koch founded group, Americans for Prosperity, opening a Louisiana branch to defeat Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) I don't want to encourage… Continue reading Pulling my ‘liberal hack’ head out, man

Ron Paul’s sphere sucks young voters into racism’s toilet

To the casual observer, like Baltimore Sun columnist Thomas F. Schaller, the perception of the Ron Paul brand is a simple one. "To look at him," Schaller points out in his opinion piece, Tuesday, "Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul seems harmless. He's cute and contrarian. He wears poorly fitting suits. He's decidedly un-slick. You almost… Continue reading Ron Paul’s sphere sucks young voters into racism’s toilet