Huckabee’s monolithic view will get him shoved to the exit door

For Christian evangelicals like Mike Huckabee, support for Israel is, and has always been, of a single purpose: to bring all the Jews to the tiny Mediterranean country so that they can make them convert or die, and prepare the world for the Second Coming. Pundits are calling the former Arkansas governor's remark about the… Continue reading Huckabee’s monolithic view will get him shoved to the exit door

Israel, Iran and the chutzpah of Netanyahu

The speech is over, in all its anti-climactic glory. Bibi stood up for Israel, and roughly ninety percent of the U.S. Congress stood up for him - over and over and over again - except when he praised President Obama and all he has done for the Jewish State, when only the Democrats in attendance… Continue reading Israel, Iran and the chutzpah of Netanyahu

War in Israel on the Ninth of Av

"By the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept and remembered Zion." Tuesday morning, August 5, when the 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went into effect, was the Ninth of Av. Things are quiet in modern Israel on the Ninth of Av. Jewish tradition holds that it was on the ninth day of the… Continue reading War in Israel on the Ninth of Av

Kerry insists Assad must go, but then what?

In his opening remarks at talks aimed at halting the years of violence and killing in Syria, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry insisted that there is only one way for things to move forward in the war torn country. "[W]e see only one option: a negotiated transition government formed by mutual consent." That means,… Continue reading Kerry insists Assad must go, but then what?

What’s so foreign about foreign policy?

In a time when so much of U.S. foreign policy involves our global military footprint, ongoing engagements, waning engagements and threatening engagements, it's easy to think that war is the sole function of that governing platform. Americans are conditioned that way; like a computer that insists on entering a discarded wi-fi password at your favorite… Continue reading What’s so foreign about foreign policy?

Jerusalem, God amendments to Democratic platform added on close vote

In what can easily be described as an uncomfortable three minutes for the Democratic National Convention, its chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, was forced to take three, apparently close, voice votes from the delegates in Charlotte,  to amend the party's platform, Wednesday, to include mentioning God and affirming the party's belief in Jerusalem as… Continue reading Jerusalem, God amendments to Democratic platform added on close vote

Mitt’s mind a warehouse for old cultural boxes

It is now undeniable. Mitt Romney believes our planet is a Disneyland Small World ride, where simplistic definitions of mid-century global diversity remain as they were drawn out for Americans after World War II. If I wouldn't have lived my childhood through some of that time, I may not have recognized it now. I'm talking… Continue reading Mitt’s mind a warehouse for old cultural boxes

Obama’s trust gap

Muslims. Obama. Trust. Those three words are the sinking wedge that exploits another piece of the unfinished business of the 2008 campaign and election, the gap between Barack Obama and the usually, mostly Democratic, American Jewish electorate. Call it the Jewish version of the birther issue, in that it would take an overt, demonstrative act… Continue reading Obama’s trust gap

Putting peace in the crosshairs

Obama's peace sign has become a target. Republicans and Democrats have latched on to his statement about peace in the region "based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps," as if it were a call for Israel to retreat to the pre-1967 border between  the Jewish state and a new nation for the Palestinians.… Continue reading Putting peace in the crosshairs

The Obama Doctrine – making Hope global

"The United States supports a set of universal rights.  And these rights include free speech, the freedom of peaceful assembly, the freedom of religion, equality for men and women under the rule of law, and the right to choose your own leaders." - President Barack Obama affirming what he intends the country to represent, in… Continue reading The Obama Doctrine – making Hope global