Israel, Iran and the chutzpah of Netanyahu

The speech is over, in all its anti-climactic glory. Bibi stood up for Israel, and roughly ninety percent of the U.S. Congress stood up for him - over and over and over again - except when he praised President Obama and all he has done for the Jewish State, when only the Democrats in attendance… Continue reading Israel, Iran and the chutzpah of Netanyahu

Kerry insists Assad must go, but then what?

In his opening remarks at talks aimed at halting the years of violence and killing in Syria, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry insisted that there is only one way for things to move forward in the war torn country. "[W]e see only one option: a negotiated transition government formed by mutual consent." That means,… Continue reading Kerry insists Assad must go, but then what?

Fighting God, Egypt and collective bargaining

" calling for Monday's rallies, the two [Iranian opposition] leaders had committed a crime known as moharebeh, or 'fighting God,' which carries the death penalty."  - February 16, 2011,  Associated Press report on the week's Iranian political unrest The long shadows of populism stretch out before the setting sun. Like reverse vampires, regimes shy from… Continue reading Fighting God, Egypt and collective bargaining