Partisanship, Separation of Powers and the Government’s Lack of Self-Control

That there is partisanship surprises no one. That the partisanship erodes the separation of powers and the checks and balances mandated by the Constitution, however, takes us a down a foggy road that the Founders would likely find distressing because it appears to be a consolidation of power that subverts a constitutional process.

The puppet is unprecedented – the political power grab is not

The Republicans in Congress may think they hold the puppet strings, but their own ineptitude means they are as reliant on a professional manipulator like Putin (via Devin Nunes and FOX News) to guide their hands on the controls as Trump is on the Russian leader to keep thoughts of money-shaped sugarplums with porn star boobs dancing in his head.

The road to impeachment runs through Russia

Committee photo (left) by Donna Burton (Public Domain)Kremlin (right) by A. Savin via Wikimedia Commons There is no question most of us have wanted Donald Trump out of our political discourse since his scathing, xenophobic scree after he came down the escalator at Trump Tower four years ago this month. Since Robert Mueller delivered his… Continue reading The road to impeachment runs through Russia