Trust broken, empowerment renewed – the new Obama legacy

Expectations always lead to attachment, and attachment, the Buddha tells us, leads to suffering. So it is with the faith we put in the man who we expected to be a new kind of president, one who was deliberative and thoughtful, who we thought was compassionate and fair. Indeed, he often exhibits those qualities, personally.… Continue reading Trust broken, empowerment renewed – the new Obama legacy

D.C.’s vulnerability tactic – a cry for help?

"I think it comes as no surprise not [only] to the American people, but even [to] members of Congress themselves, that right now things are pretty dysfunctional up on Capitol Hill." - President Barack Obama, Tuesday, April 30, 2013, during a White House press conference It's very hard to tell, but it seems that the… Continue reading D.C.’s vulnerability tactic – a cry for help?

War on Obamacare is murdering America

Your lives are being stalked, America, by an elephant wearing a red, white and blue waistcoat, carrying a gun supplied by the National Rifle Association, with a war chest supplied by fossil fuel millionaires like the Koch Brothers, and a hunting license granted by an ignorant and ill informed electorate that will be among the… Continue reading War on Obamacare is murdering America