Is ethics reform in Georgia the key to common ground?

"In our system of government, frequently, when people ban together, people triumph over politics as usual." - Regina Quick, Republican candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives, Athens, Georgia People coming together for good government may not be anything new, but in today's hyper-partisan political atmosphere, it may be the only common ground left, for… Continue reading Is ethics reform in Georgia the key to common ground?

Last to reform, first in the hearts of lobbyists

Whether you’re on the right or on the left, there appears to be a consensus about at least one thing when you talk about ethics reform in the Georgia General Assembly. Any meaningful effort to improve trust and integrity in our state elected representatives, and their relationship with lobbyists and other special interests, runs into… Continue reading Last to reform, first in the hearts of lobbyists

Populist ethics measure reflects ‘American value’

"There needs to be some wide-sweeping changes in terms of lobbying and ethics reform." - Markette Baker (R), Solicitor General, Troup County, Georgia It's an uncomplicated, no-brainer, and although Ms. Baker was referring specifically to the State Assembly of Georgia, her concerns about the integrity of government are echoed across this nation, everyday. Lobbyists are… Continue reading Populist ethics measure reflects ‘American value’