Filibuster change: the countdown to ‘Humpty Dumpty’ rules?

"I love the Senate, but right now the Senate is broken and needs to be fixed. It’s time for course correction." - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada), speaking at the Center for American Progress, Monday morning Something that could shake the bustling tunnels beneath the U.S. Capitol is about to be released by Sen.… Continue reading Filibuster change: the countdown to ‘Humpty Dumpty’ rules?

Filibuster castrates majority rule, violates Constitution

"It's not a rule of debate. It's a rule of silence, a rule of censorship." - Emmet J. Bondurant, lead attorney in the lawsuit against the United States Senate, calling the filibuster rules unconstitutional Sometimes it seems like the filibuster holds up every bill, motion and nomination that comes to the floor of the U.S.… Continue reading Filibuster castrates majority rule, violates Constitution