Georgia Ethics Express hits the road

The Ethics Express, a compilation of odd political bedfellows, including Common Cause Georgia, the League of Women Voters, Georgia Conservatives in Action, and Georgia Tea Party Patriots, have taken to the road, on bus tour supporting a July 31 ballot question, urging ethics reform in Georgia's State House. The group plans to stop in 14… Continue reading Georgia Ethics Express hits the road

Protecting a lead – Campaign reform and the SCOTUS hedge

In his article in the current issue of the New Yorker, describing the Supreme Court's machinations in the 2010 Citizens United decision, Jeffrey Toobin informs readers that the attorney for the plaintiff, Ted Olsen, had a specific goal when he was presenting his case to the court in September, 2009. Since this was the case's… Continue reading Protecting a lead – Campaign reform and the SCOTUS hedge

Lame relevance – pass the Disclose Act

“We are seeing an unprecedented amount of cash flowing into the 2010 elections from corporate sources through independent electioneering groups, most of it entirely unreported." - Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen, in an October 28 statement Sometimes it pays to give attention to the long view. With the pending sunset of the Bush tax cuts… Continue reading Lame relevance – pass the Disclose Act