No doubt who’s responsible for the crisis, until there is

"The American people expect in Washington, when we have a crisis like this, that the leaders will sit down and have a conversation." - House Speaker John Boehner, Sunday, on ABC'c This Week with George Stephanopoulos Really, Mr. Speaker? That may be true if it were a crisis caused by uncontrollable or unforeseen forces, but… Continue reading No doubt who’s responsible for the crisis, until there is

Linking arms with Occupy – the last, best Baby Boomer chance

I am of the undertow of the Baby Boomers, the last third of a generation, unwilling to let go of our ability to subvert the tide and change the world, defined for us by our older brothers and sisters. Born between 1957 and 1964, we are the President of the United States, the governors of… Continue reading Linking arms with Occupy – the last, best Baby Boomer chance

Debt rhetoric scary and entertaining at the same time

"I think disgust is still a valid emotion, and that's kind of the way I'm viewing this." - James Amos, CEO, Tasti D-Lite, discussing Congress' dysfunction, highlighted by the "self-inflicted" debt crisis, on MSNBC's Jansing & Co, Friday, July 29, 2011 The time for staying above the fray with logic has passed. The simmering, schmaltz-laden… Continue reading Debt rhetoric scary and entertaining at the same time

America’s mad circus

"There is no aphrodisiac like madness, but it wears off quickly." -Kevin Baker, from his novel, Dreamland (HarperCollins, 1999) In the din of madness, the seething intensity of rancorous anger, the light of American glory dims yellow like a string of bare bulbs outside a red, white and blue striped circus tent. The barker calls… Continue reading America’s mad circus

Audacity and the ‘legislative reality’ fallacy

"The legislation the President has asked for cannot pass the House. I’m happy to discuss these issues at the White House, but such discussions will be fruitless until the President recognizes economic and legislative reality." - Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH), in a July 5, 2011, statement Both Boehner and Senate Minority Leader,… Continue reading Audacity and the ‘legislative reality’ fallacy

The devil at Obama’s door

No matter what happens with the US economy between now and November, 2012, the Republicans are going to drag it all, lead and gold, wrapped in a tablecloth, and drop it at the White House door. Of course, it should be that way. The president is the face of federal responsibility, and he is in… Continue reading The devil at Obama’s door

GOP takes stand on debt, ceiling collapses on kitchen table

Why would the GOP bring to the floor of the House a bill, Tuesday, that Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) introduced, when he even says it is a bill that "will and must fail?” Of course it did, with less than half of Democrats supporting it. They just want to bring the… Continue reading GOP takes stand on debt, ceiling collapses on kitchen table