Ferguson fallout: justice dancing on the head of a pin

The skin remains thin where old wounds receive no healing salve and are not allowed to mend. The scar is prodded by forces seeking control and picked at when it tingles in a sadly familiar way. There is little sympathy for those robbed of justice when their justification for anger crosses over into mob hysteria.… Continue reading Ferguson fallout: justice dancing on the head of a pin


Racism and Ferguson: a systemic problem requires a systemic solution

The systemic assault on the body of American society is evident these days in the continuing epidemic of cop-on-black intimidation, threat and murder brought to light most recently with the choke-hold killing of Eric Garner, in New York, and the shooting of young Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Our laws, and those who represent them, are supposed to be the anti-bodies to this type of viral infection. Human decency isn't regulated by law, but by a sense that we actually are all part of the same body. The anti-bodies are obviously corrupted when police officers refer to the protesters as "fucking animals," and a faulty judicial system puts its own money-driven survival ahead of the welfare of the citizens it is meant to protect.