Redressing the oligarchs, because the money matters

"Congress shall make no law respecting...the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." - First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights We are Constitutionally empowered to redress the actions of our government, or its inaction, in matters both social and… Continue reading Redressing the oligarchs, because the money matters

Leaders come and go, but it’s always up to us – a Nixonian lesson

"To continue to fight through the months ahead for my personal vindication would almost totally absorb the time and attention of both the President and the Congress in a period when our entire focus should be on the great issues of peace abroad and prosperity without inflation at home. "Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency… Continue reading Leaders come and go, but it’s always up to us – a Nixonian lesson

Lame relevance – pass the Disclose Act

“We are seeing an unprecedented amount of cash flowing into the 2010 elections from corporate sources through independent electioneering groups, most of it entirely unreported." - Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen, in an October 28 statement Sometimes it pays to give attention to the long view. With the pending sunset of the Bush tax cuts… Continue reading Lame relevance – pass the Disclose Act