What’s so foreign about foreign policy?

In a time when so much of U.S. foreign policy involves our global military footprint, ongoing engagements, waning engagements and threatening engagements, it's easy to think that war is the sole function of that governing platform. Americans are conditioned that way; like a computer that insists on entering a discarded wi-fi password at your favorite… Continue reading What’s so foreign about foreign policy?

Peace withers when religion tramples the vine

Faith requires so little - only the willingness to abandon what one knows to be true in family and society, in favor of something less certain, outside one's usual life experience. That is where a prophet of faith begins his (or her) personal journey. It is not until after others have also stepped forward, into… Continue reading Peace withers when religion tramples the vine

Now is the spring of Arab discontent made glorious by the Wall Street occupation of autumn

The drumbeat of political progress has seized the conscience of the world since the first Arabs in North Africa took to the streets last December, and the peals of their chants and screams have finally reached Wall Street. The Arabs marched against tyranny, most certainly, but were motivated to do so because they could no… Continue reading Now is the spring of Arab discontent made glorious by the Wall Street occupation of autumn

The Obama Doctrine – making Hope global

"The United States supports a set of universal rights.  And these rights include free speech, the freedom of peaceful assembly, the freedom of religion, equality for men and women under the rule of law, and the right to choose your own leaders." - President Barack Obama affirming what he intends the country to represent, in… Continue reading The Obama Doctrine – making Hope global