Behind our back, right before our eyes

Citizens line up at the ballot box, and as they shuffle by Uncle Sam's hat laying upside down on a table, they drop their votes inside. Outside the building, where hopeful voters queue up politely, there are yard signs stuck in the wet grass of the right-of-way. "Vote against your own self-interest," says one. "A… Continue reading Behind our back, right before our eyes

Corporatism rules; corporealism drools

The effort in Washington to institutionalize and Constitutionalize the Congress-corporate cycle and steal the government from the people 1 or 0. Aye or nay. It's that light. When it goes on, the Congresswoman is on the record. Aye or Nay. She will tell you that she didn't start kissing babies just to end up suckling… Continue reading Corporatism rules; corporealism drools