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VertGrnLine Eric Holder: Edward Snowden Performed a ‘Public Service,’ But Must Be Punished (
Snowden / Justice
>The former US attorney general insists that harm was done by the release of classified files, but suggests a judge could take into account that Snowden’s actions helped start a conversation about our surveillance process, in sentencing him.
VertGrnLine Trump Unleashes Tirade After Bill Kristol Says Independent Candidate Will Run (
Republicans / Elections 2016
>In a Memorial Day Twitter war, the Weekly Standard editor says he is certain a candidate with ‘a real chance’ at winning – possibly Mitt Romney – is going to challenge The Donald. Trump calls Kristol ‘a loser’.
VertGrnLine Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Charge Abortion Doctors (
Abortion / Government
> Sooner Gov. Mary Fallin (R) calls the bill “vague and unconstitutional,” while conservatives blast her actions as “a despicable betrayal.”
VertGrnLine Wall Street bearish on Trump’s call to scrap financial reform law (
Dodd-Frank / Banking
>Though they want some changes, banker lobbying groups aren’t keen to repeal Dodd-Frank entirely, especially after spending millions to comply with it.
VertGrnLine Democracies end when they are too democratic (
Trump / Tyranny / GOP 2016
>Brilliant, historical overview of tyranny rising out of democracy, and how Donald J. Trump is the exemplar.


Vote your blue heart out, even in a red state


I live in Georgia, a red state that has had Democrats wringing their hands for almost twenty years. The state legislature has been under Republican control since 2003. There hasn’t been a Democrat elected to statewide office since 2008. Yes, there’s always talk of the state being in play in a national election, and we can barely maintain our patience with constant claims of our impending purpleness.

Heck, the Democratic Party of Georgia has yet to field a candidate to go against incumbent Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson. And yet…

With the GOP on the verge of nominating a largely despised buffoon, a flim-flammer, to run for president, there actually is a chance that even Georgia could go blue, if Democratic voters go down-ballot after voting for president.
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Hillary’s establishment pragmatic idealisim vs. Bernie’s political revolution



When it comes to voting, it’s not all about that base

By Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, United States (Voting Day (phone) // Day -056) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


from You Tube

DNC rules change leaves Lessig out of 2016 Democrat debates, forced to leave the race

Spectrum element by D-Kuru/Wikimedia Commons

Ghosts in the machine – the GOP enters the spectrum of invisible light


Love and electability – the candidates come a-courting

U.S. Capitol undergoing its first full restoration in 150 years. (From the Architect of the U.S. Capitol)

The dismantling of the House GOP is constructive for all of us


On the Video

Erica Garner, daughter of Eric, explains why Bernie Sanders can be trusted to stand for equal rights & justice.

Saturday Night Live lampoons the First Democratic Debate, with Larry David as Bernie Sanders (NBC)

From @storycorps, a young man recounts to his mom about the night he was nearly murdered by police: “Traffic Stop” (Story Corps)



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