America’s most embarrassing moments

What do you think America's most embarrassing moments are?

Words Taken Down

The Murky Puddle Left Behind When Terrible Truthand Corrupted Consequence CollideI was watching C-Span Tuesday and California Congressman Henry Waxman got up to speak on behalf of a resolution condemning the State Department's obstruction of the investigation of Iraqi government corruption. This malfeasance not only jeopardizes the future of the people of Iraq, but also… Continue reading Words Taken Down

Integrity Wanted: Voter in Search of an Activist Politician

Hillary Clinton would be the USA's first woman president; Barack Obama, the first African-American. A declared desire to lead is relegated by the media to the politics of context that potential leaders can't wave off with a turned head and polite "p'shaw". By what means do politicians ink their names on history's pages? Being political… Continue reading Integrity Wanted: Voter in Search of an Activist Politician