Guantanamo Bay and the Big Shitball

"...the consequence of error may be detention of persons for the duration of hostilities that may last a generation or more, this is a risk too significant to ignore."-from the Supreme Court decisionto allow for habeas corpus hearingsfor prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay(pp.56-57) So habeas has returned to Gitmo. Like swallows to Capistrano, it is… Continue reading Guantanamo Bay and the Big Shitball

For the Sake of Surrender

John McCain will not surrender in Iraq. He continually says so.In another military cemetery in America, a widow, a mother, a son receive a folded flag. The stars and stripes that draped the coffin of their fallen hero is a flimsy bandage for the bloody scar on their hearts. Each mourner, consumed by pain, let's… Continue reading For the Sake of Surrender

Surge Plus 365

A War Going Better Is Not a Better WarHere we are, a year after Bush announced the Surge. Brave men and women have fought and died and many parts of Iraq have settled down, but the flaccid influence of America continues to slowly stir the morass of dysfunctional politics around the world.Instead of being a… Continue reading Surge Plus 365

America in the Outhouse

A De Facto Empire under a De Facto SiegeAmerica's transcendence to empire did not happen all at once - not when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 in the waning days of the Cold War, not with a mushroom cloud over Hiroshima in 1945, and not with the Rough Riders on San Juan Hill in… Continue reading America in the Outhouse

A Sabbatical for War

Letting the Killing Fields Lie FallowAfter the Autumn HarvestSo the seeds sown in the spring surge have been cut, and baled in flag covered coffins. The noble Petraeus, in the regalia of an honored soldier, and the honorable Crocker, intent hidden behind the skirts of his diplomat's robes, pay homage to the lords of state… Continue reading A Sabbatical for War

Power Failure

Last Power StandingRockets and bombs, tank tracks and bullets, leave blood-soaked boots standing burnt and empty. In the flash of mortar fire, a fallen, legless marine loses his hold on purpose, and lets his life go, seeping, into the sand. "I will not be the last to die," his mind says when he finally releases.… Continue reading Power Failure