Dying in custody – a most necessary conversation

Oh freedom, Oh freedom, Oh freedom over me And before I'll be a slave, I'll be buried in my grave And go home to my lord and be free Lulled and complacent among a couple of thousand righteous liberals and progressives, what should be seen is often easily hidden. The obvious remains obscured behind conversations… Continue reading Dying in custody – a most necessary conversation

Broken government comes from a broken electorate

"It stung like hell." - Georgia Democratic Party Chair, DuBose Porter, in a conciliatory email to party activists If a dramatic election happens and no one votes, does it still mean the electorate changes to purple? The finger pointing over who was to blame for Tuesday's devastating losses started as soon as the polls closed… Continue reading Broken government comes from a broken electorate

Riders of the New Crusade

Liberty by the Sword:Quest and Empire in an Age of Fear"To McCain, a commitment to universalism requires American expansionism. Indeed,to McCain it is precisely commitment tothis imperial vision that makes Americanpatriotism superior to other brands ofnationalism. Our own patriotism wouldbecome compromised by stinginess andselfishness were we to show more restraintin world affairs." (Matthew Yglesias, on… Continue reading Riders of the New Crusade