Jingoism, Optimism and Enthusiasm

Obama and the Europeans(I know... it sounds like a fifties group)"It's not only Obama's youth, eloquence and energythat have stolen hearts across the Atlantic. For Europeans,there have always been two Americas: one of cynicism,big business and bullying aggression, another of freedom,fairness and nothing-is-impossible dynamism.If President Bush has been seen as the embodiment ofthat first America,… Continue reading Jingoism, Optimism and Enthusiasm

Moulting Hulls: A New Way to Campaign

How Barack Obama is Changing the Conversation of Political CampaigningPicture a beach. Large, with windswept dunes, tall, dry grass spears from it as sparsely as the hair on John McCain's head. Scattered across the sandy hills are old bunkers, built by Nixon, Reagan and Bush 1 and 2, and even JFK, LBJ and WJ Clinton.… Continue reading Moulting Hulls: A New Way to Campaign

Comparing Healthcare

This is a link to Kaiser's comparison charts for the '08 presidential candidates' healthcare programs. I haven't had a chance to evaluate each candidate's stand myself, but this is an interesting tool.http://www.health08.org/sidebyside.cfm

Many Rivers to Cross – A Boomer’s Remorse

Leadership, the River and the Promised LandSomewhere we got the idea that an age of fulfilled promise and hope is beyond our grasp. How many opportunities do we have in a lifetime to change the direction of a government? How many times do we have in a lifetime to impose the will of fair, honest… Continue reading Many Rivers to Cross – A Boomer’s Remorse

Voting in the Shampoo Aisle

"Political marketing is a fairly pure analog to commercial marketing. I'm looking at a package of shampoo the same way I'm looking at my next leader."- David Remer, chairman of Lucid Systems, from a recent Wall Street Journal article.Perhaps Mr. Remer can be forgiven for his glibness. His company is trying to sell a program… Continue reading Voting in the Shampoo Aisle

Russ Feingold’s Presidential Homesick Blues

If you cannot play the video from here, click here.

Integrity Wanted: Voter in Search of an Activist Politician

Hillary Clinton would be the USA's first woman president; Barack Obama, the first African-American. A declared desire to lead is relegated by the media to the politics of context that potential leaders can't wave off with a turned head and polite "p'shaw". By what means do politicians ink their names on history's pages? Being political… Continue reading Integrity Wanted: Voter in Search of an Activist Politician