Despite fighting setbacks, a doomed GOP still a distant dream

"... a cause on foot Lives so in hope as in an early spring We see the appearing buds, which to prove fruit Hope gives not so much warrant, as despair That frosts will bite them." -William Shakespeare, from Henry IV, Part 2, Act I, scene 3 Sometimes it feels like the news cycle poisons… Continue reading Despite fighting setbacks, a doomed GOP still a distant dream

This time, it really is Daddy Warbucks’ war

"I love money, I love power, I love capitalism." - "Daddy Warbucks," from the Broadway musical, Annie (1982) It's not hyperbole, or the overused metaphor of the battle for electoral victory. It's a war for political power - a war fought with ammunition of bucks rather than bullets. Ho hum, you say? A tiresome analogy?… Continue reading This time, it really is Daddy Warbucks’ war

The Last Money Grab

Wall Street and Main Street Lay Siege to Easy StreetBest not to get stuck on Easy Street in these economic times.It may seem oxymoronic to think of Easy Street and Wall Street as developments on the opposite sides of an economic rift, but that is just what is being created with this economic earthquake. While… Continue reading The Last Money Grab