‘Significant progress’ in Afghanistan? Can’t happen, says one soldier

"Although the gains are fragile and reversible, momentum has shifted to the Afghan Government, and they are on track to begin the transition process...this summer" - CIA Director Leon Panetta, in his written responses to questions from the Senate Armed Services Committee, prior to his confirmation hearings for Secretary of Defense That sounds like good… Continue reading ‘Significant progress’ in Afghanistan? Can’t happen, says one soldier

America’s most embarrassing moments

What do you think America's most embarrassing moments are?

Abuse of Force

Because one can does not mean one shouldJuly 3, 1988 - The Persian Gulf - A ship-to-air missile fired from the USS Vincennes downs an Iranian civilian airliner, after mistaking it for a fighter jet, killing all aboard. Bodies floated in the water of the Gulf.January 16, 1989 [MLK Day] - Miami, FL - A… Continue reading Abuse of Force