Israel, Iran and the chutzpah of Netanyahu

The speech is over, in all its anti-climactic glory. Bibi stood up for Israel, and roughly ninety percent of the U.S. Congress stood up for him - over and over and over again - except when he praised President Obama and all he has done for the Jewish State, when only the Democrats in attendance… Continue reading Israel, Iran and the chutzpah of Netanyahu

New dirt, same shovel – the unsustainable, status quo

"If Netanyahu thinks that 1967 lines are an illusion, then peace for him is an illusion." - PLO Executive Committee member Saeb Erekat, reacting to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's principles for peace set forth in Washington, DC, over the past few days Turning the earth to sow seeds is a good beginning. Certain people,… Continue reading New dirt, same shovel – the unsustainable, status quo

Putting peace in the crosshairs

Obama's peace sign has become a target. Republicans and Democrats have latched on to his statement about peace in the region "based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps," as if it were a call for Israel to retreat to the pre-1967 border between  the Jewish state and a new nation for the Palestinians.… Continue reading Putting peace in the crosshairs

The Obama Doctrine – making Hope global

"The United States supports a set of universal rights.  And these rights include free speech, the freedom of peaceful assembly, the freedom of religion, equality for men and women under the rule of law, and the right to choose your own leaders." - President Barack Obama affirming what he intends the country to represent, in… Continue reading The Obama Doctrine – making Hope global

Leaning on dictators

We say democracy is the guiding light of humanity's potential, as a society. Take a look at humanity - not the man in the mirror, but the one at the door, on the sidewalk, in the car beside you, at the store. Take a look at the people in Midan Tahrir, the children, the women,… Continue reading Leaning on dictators

When, in the course of Egyptian events…

"The voices of the Egyptian people tell us that this is one of those moments; this is one of those times." - President Barack Obama, February 1, 2011 It's never a good time for a revolution, but it is the time to which we've come. It's not a clash of religions, or classes, or wealth… Continue reading When, in the course of Egyptian events…

No patriotism in isolationism – not then, not now

Arachnoid behavior manifests when the web twitches in a connected world. A disturbance somewhere is felt everywhere. Gone is the luxury of isolationism that was argued as a matter of principle during the European upheavals less than a century ago. As Eleanor Roosevelt pointed out in a 1938 letter to a journalist : "[T]he trouble… Continue reading No patriotism in isolationism – not then, not now

Carrying goats in Egypt

Behind a shed of an office building, on a dirt lot in Cairo,  a dark and road weary bus idles noisily, as a hog-tied, bleating goat is carried down the aisle to the back, where others sit with caged chickens. But a stranger walking by wouldn't hear any of it. Like most third world capitals,… Continue reading Carrying goats in Egypt