For the Sake of Surrender

John McCain will not surrender in Iraq. He continually says so.In another military cemetery in America, a widow, a mother, a son receive a folded flag. The stars and stripes that draped the coffin of their fallen hero is a flimsy bandage for the bloody scar on their hearts. Each mourner, consumed by pain, let's… Continue reading For the Sake of Surrender

Riders of the New Crusade

Liberty by the Sword:Quest and Empire in an Age of Fear"To McCain, a commitment to universalism requires American expansionism. Indeed,to McCain it is precisely commitment tothis imperial vision that makes Americanpatriotism superior to other brands ofnationalism. Our own patriotism wouldbecome compromised by stinginess andselfishness were we to show more restraintin world affairs." (Matthew Yglesias, on… Continue reading Riders of the New Crusade

So Much to Talk About

Holding On to My Voice It has been a long time since I last posted, and I have a lot on my mind. Part of the time I was sick with that flu thing that's been going around. Now, my wife has it. I used a lot of my free time to edit a tribute… Continue reading So Much to Talk About