Remembering Days of Daisies and Death

On the Fortieth Anniversary Of a Memphis KillingWhat is the color of nostalgia? I'm old enough to remember a past through a classically clouded sepia haze, but I'm also young enough to see the past through a shower of pop art daisies.Remembering the times when daisies were on everything from black-light posters to bell-bottoms to… Continue reading Remembering Days of Daisies and Death

Many Rivers to Cross – A Boomer’s Remorse

Leadership, the River and the Promised LandSomewhere we got the idea that an age of fulfilled promise and hope is beyond our grasp. How many opportunities do we have in a lifetime to change the direction of a government? How many times do we have in a lifetime to impose the will of fair, honest… Continue reading Many Rivers to Cross – A Boomer’s Remorse

Turning the Dirt in DC

This morning in Washington DC, between the memorials to America's two mavericks of liberty and freedom, Lincoln and Jefferson, behind long rows of dignitaries, shovels and a trough of dirt, stood Ambassador Andrew Young with a microphone in his hand. Standing beside the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ambassador Young cued those assembled to "turn the dirt"… Continue reading Turning the Dirt in DC