Obama’s trust gap

Muslims. Obama. Trust. Those three words are the sinking wedge that exploits another piece of the unfinished business of the 2008 campaign and election, the gap between Barack Obama and the usually, mostly Democratic, American Jewish electorate. Call it the Jewish version of the birther issue, in that it would take an overt, demonstrative act… Continue reading Obama’s trust gap

For Jews, BDS is BS

How the Jewish-American far left is wrong, and so is Alan DershowitzIt must be nice to be part of a people that take so many things as gospel. As Jews, we are taught to question everything - even established rabbinical law - until we understand why things are a certain way, why specific customs and… Continue reading For Jews, BDS is BS

Abuse of Force

Because one can does not mean one shouldJuly 3, 1988 - The Persian Gulf - A ship-to-air missile fired from the USS Vincennes downs an Iranian civilian airliner, after mistaking it for a fighter jet, killing all aboard. Bodies floated in the water of the Gulf.January 16, 1989 [MLK Day] - Miami, FL - A… Continue reading Abuse of Force