Trump decides to keep immigrant families together – if it’s not too inconvenient

It's multiple choice, really. There are lots of reasons Donald Trump has decided to rescind his administration's Draconian policy of ripping babies out of the arms of asylum seekers crossing the southern border of the continental United States. Pick one. I have my opinion. A) Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Methodist, is being threatened with… Continue reading Trump decides to keep immigrant families together – if it’s not too inconvenient

A line too long: no choice but action on ‘Broken immigration system’

"Our immigration system has been broken for a very long time -- and everybody knows it." -President Barack Obama, addressing Las Vegas high school students whose families are affected by his use, this week, of executive authority on immigration reform The Republicans know it. The conservative cabal that pulls the party's purse strings knows it.… Continue reading A line too long: no choice but action on ‘Broken immigration system’

Real crisis at border is one of American conscience

Angry White people screaming at busloads of minority children should frighten any American with a knowledge of our own recent history. Voices of fear and bigotry have risen like an oily mess on the tides that have brought waves of young immigrant children across our borders. The boys and girls are buoyed ashore by a… Continue reading Real crisis at border is one of American conscience

For you and me – the fight to GIVE our country back

It's our country, and it's their country. It's my country and it's your country. It's a Christian country and a Jewish country and a Muslim country and a Hindu country and a Buddhist country and an atheist country. It's a country where Africans, Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans, Arabs and Persians are as American as the… Continue reading For you and me – the fight to GIVE our country back

Immigration decision stills the harvest

SCOTUS ruling has farmers fearful of labor shortages The Supreme Court decision, Thursday, that confirmed the employer sanctions aspect of a 2007 Arizona immigration law (not the more controversial SB1070 signed in 2010), has chocked at least on wheel of the wagon for immigration reform and impeded the possibility for prosperity in Arizona and at… Continue reading Immigration decision stills the harvest

Rounding up the Roma in Europe’s Arizona

So the French are uprooting thousands of individuals, putting them on buses and airplanes back to the discrimination they will face in Bulgaria and Romania in order to "improve the situation" for them.

Supremacy is not tyranny – it’s in the Constitution

Arizona's SB 1070 and why the feds are suing to stop it"S.B. 1070 is invalid under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution and must be struck down." (from the US Department of Justice complaint, United States v. State of Arizona (et al), dated: July 6, 2010)Like a hole in an Arizona border fence,… Continue reading Supremacy is not tyranny – it’s in the Constitution