It’s Not Over until the Lady in the Pantsuit Sings

The Seething from the Clinton CampAfter the Rules & Bylaws Committee reached its decision Saturday, Hillary's staunch supporters on the committee - Harold Ickes and Tina Flournoy - issued a statement on Hillary's website, saying, "This decision [to take delegates away from Hillary in Michigan] violates the bedrock principles of our democracy and our Party."What… Continue reading It’s Not Over until the Lady in the Pantsuit Sings

Needed to Nominate

Consensus, Compromise and a Head-On CollisionAs I watch the DNC Rules Committee hearing today, there are a couple of things that come into my mind.First, though I hate that the Democratic process has been like watching the slow motion crunch of an Alligator Alley head-on collision, it is a really great thing that this is… Continue reading Needed to Nominate

Moulting Hulls: A New Way to Campaign

How Barack Obama is Changing the Conversation of Political CampaigningPicture a beach. Large, with windswept dunes, tall, dry grass spears from it as sparsely as the hair on John McCain's head. Scattered across the sandy hills are old bunkers, built by Nixon, Reagan and Bush 1 and 2, and even JFK, LBJ and WJ Clinton.… Continue reading Moulting Hulls: A New Way to Campaign

So Much to Talk About

Holding On to My Voice It has been a long time since I last posted, and I have a lot on my mind. Part of the time I was sick with that flu thing that's been going around. Now, my wife has it. I used a lot of my free time to edit a tribute… Continue reading So Much to Talk About

Integrity Wanted: Voter in Search of an Activist Politician

Hillary Clinton would be the USA's first woman president; Barack Obama, the first African-American. A declared desire to lead is relegated by the media to the politics of context that potential leaders can't wave off with a turned head and polite "p'shaw". By what means do politicians ink their names on history's pages? Being political… Continue reading Integrity Wanted: Voter in Search of an Activist Politician