War on Obamacare is murdering America

Your lives are being stalked, America, by an elephant wearing a red, white and blue waistcoat, carrying a gun supplied by the National Rifle Association, with a war chest supplied by fossil fuel millionaires like the Koch Brothers, and a hunting license granted by an ignorant and ill informed electorate that will be among the… Continue reading War on Obamacare is murdering America

Bullets, Bibles and Brains – The Insanity at Sedition’s Door

A blog against theocracyIn the unlikely event you find yourself forming a, well, unregulated militia, the first rule should be to leave God out of it. God and guns do not mix. Government and guns, for the purpose of a common defense, while not for some easy to dismiss, is still understandable. The Bible may… Continue reading Bullets, Bibles and Brains – The Insanity at Sedition’s Door

GOP Health Care Bill Denies Election Lessons

The Republican version of the House Health Care bill that Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) announced this past week, demonstrates that even with the trouncing the GOP has taken in the last two Congressional election cycles, the "Party of No" has learned nothing about the political will of the American people.With its generous offerings to… Continue reading GOP Health Care Bill Denies Election Lessons