Guantanamo Bay and the Big Shitball

"...the consequence of error may be detention of persons for the duration of hostilities that may last a generation or more, this is a risk too significant to ignore."-from the Supreme Court decisionto allow for habeas corpus hearingsfor prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay(pp.56-57) So habeas has returned to Gitmo. Like swallows to Capistrano, it is… Continue reading Guantanamo Bay and the Big Shitball

Taking a Train to Dachau

Timeless Messages of the PastIt has recently been reported that, according to scientists, time travel into the past is probably not possible. So we are stuck with the tried and true ways of touching history: a book, a movie, a play, and travel.Sometimes, some coins in a slot is all you need. They buy you… Continue reading Taking a Train to Dachau