Being true to ‘our values’ is never ‘off message’

Since when is a matter of Constitutional principle "off message" for an American president? There can be nothing more on message, nothing more necessary for him to say and important for the entire world to hear, than we are equally tolerant of all faiths.

The Best Defense: Protecting the Constitution

Come Down From the BattlementsI am not inclined to follow my leaders blindly. To those who say, "Yes. But there's a war on. We have to support the president," I say, only God deserves that kind of attention from me. But even God gives us permission to ask questions, and He/She's been locking horns with… Continue reading The Best Defense: Protecting the Constitution

For God and Country

"I do solemnly swear..." "Hear O Israel the Lord our God,the Lord is One.""...that I will faithfully execute...""I believe in God, the Father Almighty... and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord;Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary...""...the office of President of the United States...""There is no God but… Continue reading For God and Country

Manifest Destiny: The Crusaders in the Capitol

This is my response to the "Blog Against Theocracy" blogswarm that I missed this weekend. Please check out all the entries by following the link.(Tengrain of Mock, Paper, Scissors designed the "Blog Against Theocracy" logo.)When a government is allowed to hold its people hostage at the end of a crusader's sword, assembling armies of red-tie… Continue reading Manifest Destiny: The Crusaders in the Capitol