Tom doesn’t cotton to Iran, Obama or the rest of the world

Diplomats around the world continue to scratch their heads over freshman Sen. Tom Cotton's (R-Arkansas) stunt insulting the Iranians and upsetting the integrity of U.S. negotiated agreements with foreign governments. Secretary of State John Kerry told a Senate committee, Wednesday, the letter "risks undermining the confidence that foreign governments in thousands of important agreements commit… Continue reading Tom doesn’t cotton to Iran, Obama or the rest of the world

Egypt: Radicalization could win

"...eyewitnesses and reporters say troops were firing indiscriminately at the crowd, including with snipers who picked-off unarmed civilians at an alarming rate." - GlobalPost story about the Egyptian military's Wednesday massacres against Islamists, in Cairo The Muslim Brotherhood and their backers say they will sacrifice themselves to preserve the integrity of their fledgling democracy, and… Continue reading Egypt: Radicalization could win

Republicans shameless attacks based on sham principles

It's probably a holdover from war propaganda technique. Dehumanize your enemy; make them less sympathetic. For Republicans, that requires inventing an artificial social standard for which they can create consensus, something they ironically call the "real America," a militaristic, political force of religious, cultural warriors who fight for all they choose to define as good… Continue reading Republicans shameless attacks based on sham principles

Bloodshed or bailout – is Mubarak too big to fail?

"[There will be] no ending of the regime." - Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman, to reporters, Wednesday. Blustery threats from Egypt's recently appointed vice president are barely blowing the sand from the pillar of protest against the embattled government's leadership. The people in Egypt's streets will not cease until their pillar becomes an obelisk, a… Continue reading Bloodshed or bailout – is Mubarak too big to fail?

Leaning on dictators

We say democracy is the guiding light of humanity's potential, as a society. Take a look at humanity - not the man in the mirror, but the one at the door, on the sidewalk, in the car beside you, at the store. Take a look at the people in Midan Tahrir, the children, the women,… Continue reading Leaning on dictators