Here lies Old Hope

I am at the age when the pattern that leads to the deaths of ill dear ones seems clear. Whether it is a doctor's optimism or the body's stubbornness to give in to mortality, there always seems to be that glimmer of possibility that shows up in the last few hours of being alive. The… Continue reading Here lies Old Hope

Fat Cat Fever and the Legacy of No

"I don't shake hands with socialists." Anonymous Duluth, GA, citizen, to Democratic businessman - and congressional candidate - Michael Coles (during a 1996 campaign event against then Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (R-GA)) The Republicans did not wake up on the morning of November 5, 2008, and have some kind of revelation that they… Continue reading Fat Cat Fever and the Legacy of No

Building blue communities, birthing blue babies and illumintaing self interest

Which would you think could turn those red and pink states blue sooner? They are all important, but more vital than the birthing - and educating - of future socially conscious and culturally generous Americans, more challenging than enticing out-of-state progressives to accept the challenge of red state politics, is getting our fellow citizens to… Continue reading Building blue communities, birthing blue babies and illumintaing self interest

Elections 2010: A Requiem for Reason

American reason should not be an oxymoron, and irrationality should not be the flame that powers our politics. We are smarter than that. It is hard not to feel, that in a year where candidates use fictional beheadings, claim there is shariya law in American communities, and make hay about some stupid, bong-induced college prank,… Continue reading Elections 2010: A Requiem for Reason

This time, it really is Daddy Warbucks’ war

"I love money, I love power, I love capitalism." - "Daddy Warbucks," from the Broadway musical, Annie (1982) It's not hyperbole, or the overused metaphor of the battle for electoral victory. It's a war for political power - a war fought with ammunition of bucks rather than bullets. Ho hum, you say? A tiresome analogy?… Continue reading This time, it really is Daddy Warbucks’ war

Religion poll equates dense, Tea Party dunce demographic to Christian right

"Daily Beast columnist John Avlon called it 'Obama Derangement Syndrome—pathological hatred of the president posing as patriotism,' and says this 'demonizing of our president' has 'infected the Republican Party.'"

When the election fix is in, Congress is in a fix

Corporate money interferes with democracy, beguiles Congress and suckles at the government breast with such unfettered access that the rest of the people are ignored like we are the runt of Mother Country's litter.