Protecting a lead – Campaign reform and the SCOTUS hedge

In his article in the current issue of the New Yorker, describing the Supreme Court's machinations in the 2010 Citizens United decision, Jeffrey Toobin informs readers that the attorney for the plaintiff, Ted Olsen, had a specific goal when he was presenting his case to the court in September, 2009. Since this was the case's… Continue reading Protecting a lead – Campaign reform and the SCOTUS hedge

When the election fix is in, Congress is in a fix

Corporate money interferes with democracy, beguiles Congress and suckles at the government breast with such unfettered access that the rest of the people are ignored like we are the runt of Mother Country's litter.

The clowns and the clueless

A story about corporate personality and corrupt policyDoctor: "Congratulations, Mrs. Private! It's a corporation"Mrs. P. : "Wow! I think I'll name it Inc."Mr. P. : "Aw. Look at him. Coo-chee-coo! Ow! Damn! He bit me!"Some kids don't eat their vegetables. Inc was not one of those kids. He at his vegetables and bread and meat.… Continue reading The clowns and the clueless