An Undigested Bit of Beef: Fear, Reality and Scrooge

" '...You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There's more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!' "Scrooge was not much in the habit of cracking jokes, nor did he feel, in his heart, by any means waggish… Continue reading An Undigested Bit of Beef: Fear, Reality and Scrooge

Rendered to the Mob

How J. Edgar Hoover Found a WayNot to Implicate the Government In TortureGregory Scarpa, Sr. was a Mafia "tough guy," an assassin back in the days when television was still in black and white and a curmudgeonly bulldog (that had a penchant for wearing women's clothes) named J. Edgar Hoover ran the FBI. Scarpa died… Continue reading Rendered to the Mob

Words Taken Down

The Murky Puddle Left Behind When Terrible Truthand Corrupted Consequence CollideI was watching C-Span Tuesday and California Congressman Henry Waxman got up to speak on behalf of a resolution condemning the State Department's obstruction of the investigation of Iraqi government corruption. This malfeasance not only jeopardizes the future of the people of Iraq, but also… Continue reading Words Taken Down

The Best Defense: Protecting the Constitution

Come Down From the BattlementsI am not inclined to follow my leaders blindly. To those who say, "Yes. But there's a war on. We have to support the president," I say, only God deserves that kind of attention from me. But even God gives us permission to ask questions, and He/She's been locking horns with… Continue reading The Best Defense: Protecting the Constitution

Taking a Train to Dachau

Timeless Messages of the PastIt has recently been reported that, according to scientists, time travel into the past is probably not possible. So we are stuck with the tried and true ways of touching history: a book, a movie, a play, and travel.Sometimes, some coins in a slot is all you need. They buy you… Continue reading Taking a Train to Dachau

Get Off the Surge; Go Off On the Contractors

Posturing is not governing. It's like a farmer wearing an expensive Italian suit to plant potatoes - you can only stand there looking good for so long before your customers wonder why you aren't bending down and getting dirty so you can fill their orders.Look, I'm all for Congress resolutely standing against the President's surge… Continue reading Get Off the Surge; Go Off On the Contractors