Political petulance is poisoning the power of the people

Restoring the integrity of a government "by the people" Integrity is the lifeblood of democracy. Deceit is a poison in its veins. Edward Kennedy Men become accustomed to poison by degrees. Victor Hugo Control. Power. Money. It's the fang toothed hydra, the unholy trinity to which most of the people who run this country pay… Continue reading Political petulance is poisoning the power of the people

Lame relevance – pass the Disclose Act

“We are seeing an unprecedented amount of cash flowing into the 2010 elections from corporate sources through independent electioneering groups, most of it entirely unreported." - Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen, in an October 28 statement Sometimes it pays to give attention to the long view. With the pending sunset of the Bush tax cuts… Continue reading Lame relevance – pass the Disclose Act

This time, it really is Daddy Warbucks’ war

"I love money, I love power, I love capitalism." - "Daddy Warbucks," from the Broadway musical, Annie (1982) It's not hyperbole, or the overused metaphor of the battle for electoral victory. It's a war for political power - a war fought with ammunition of bucks rather than bullets. Ho hum, you say? A tiresome analogy?… Continue reading This time, it really is Daddy Warbucks’ war

When the election fix is in, Congress is in a fix

Corporate money interferes with democracy, beguiles Congress and suckles at the government breast with such unfettered access that the rest of the people are ignored like we are the runt of Mother Country's litter.

When They Stand Up, We’ll Stand Up…Again!

orPay As You Go: Balancing the Body CountSometime this week, Bush will share his "New Way Forward" with us, at least, as much as he is willing to. It's already known that he will order more troops into the melee for a free and independent Iraq, part of the overall Tumult on Terror, but according… Continue reading When They Stand Up, We’ll Stand Up…Again!

Turning the Dirt in DC

This morning in Washington DC, between the memorials to America's two mavericks of liberty and freedom, Lincoln and Jefferson, behind long rows of dignitaries, shovels and a trough of dirt, stood Ambassador Andrew Young with a microphone in his hand. Standing beside the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ambassador Young cued those assembled to "turn the dirt"… Continue reading Turning the Dirt in DC